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RE: Posts about how to hack/mod Epic Inventor
« on: April 15, 2012, 04:52:45 PM »
In the "rules" thread here, I just added a line that I don't want to see instructional posts on how to hack/mod/etc the game. No little tips, no hints, nothing. So, why not?

Most players (indeed, almost all of them) want to play the game as is and don't know how to mod or access game files in ways that change it beyond how it was distributed. Indeed, most don't care. This site, and specifically these forums, are meant to support the game as we distribute it, meaning that we want to foster an environment where everyone has a place to go to share their (similar) experiences with the game that we put out. We want this to be a positive and safe place for people to come hang out and talk about the game... again, as we have distributed it.

Now, every game can be hacked/accessed/modded - including Epic Inventor. We have measures in place to prevent some of this, but it's not as much to keep people from tweaking the game as it is to keep people from stealing the game.

Those of you who can access and modify the game in various ways aren't really our concern (after all, do you intend on stealing the game? Not likely). If you can access and modify the game in ways you find more enjoyable, then have at it! Besides, what can we do about what you do on your own computer, right? What you have to understand however is that it's very disrespectful to then try and bring that behavior into this environment when we clearly do not support it. Your accessing of the game in those ways, while not a major concern to us (again, if you don't intend on stealing/redistributing it), are still just one step away from the activities we are trying to prevent.

Additionally, what I have found is that more often than not, people use the "I can hack this game" as a means to 1) try and show us (EI devs) that somehow they are "better" than we are (for some reason), or 2) trying to show off to others that they have some kind of "epic hacking skillz". Really, it's this kind of behavior that gets to me more than anything. First of all, it's not impressive (to us) when someone says they can hack/modify EI - it's not that hard. In fact, if someone is using that to try and impress you or others, it's likely an indication that they still have a lot to learn. Secondly, trying to show off to others is (to me) all about trying to make others feel beneath you, and I really don't respect that kind of behavior at all. Whether you are trying to tell others you are a better programmer, artist, writer, basketball player - whatever - we don't need any of that here.

What this comes down to is showing respect for everyone around you. If we all do more of that, we'll keep this place a cool spot to hang out in.

NOTE: Also, please read this thread about forum behavior from a while back if you have not already.

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